The LOOP® clothing line is the only circular economy-based corporate wear on the Swiss market.

Step by step, resources borrowed from nature are turned into high-quality clothing.

Cradle to Cradle Silver Certificate

This nature-friendly production is our contribution to a sustainable world. All LOOP® textiles are manufactured according to the zero-waste principle and certified according to the Cradle to Cradle® principle.

Wear LOOP® - because you are part of it.

LOOP Guaranteed organic

Guaranteed organic!

LOOP® textiles are produced from 100% organic cotton and have been awarded the GOTS certificate. This means that the ecological requirements in cotton cultivation are guaranteed.

GOTS certificate

What does the GOTS stand for?

GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Standard, is the highest global standard for the processing and manufacture of textile products made from organically produced raw materials. The standard encompasses clearly defined environmental and social criteria along the entire value chain and is ensured through an independent certification process. A variety of cottons used in LOOP® clothing are produced in accordance with the GOTS standard.

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Organic cotton

So by choosing LOOP, you are helping to give biodiversity a chance.

Guaranteed zero waste!

All fabrics, dyes and ingredients, such as buttons and yarns of LOOP® textiles, are produced according to the Cradle to Cradle® principle and are free of harmful substances and in the biological system.

Cradle to Cradle®

This way you can be sure that your corporate wear can be completely returned to the biological cycle.

Guaranteed resource-conserving production!

LOOP® clothing production processes reduce water usage to a minimum. The production plants along the entire supply chain use only energy generated from renewable sources.

This is how you respect natural resources with LOOP® textiles.

Fair treatment guaranteed!

All of our LOOP® clothing is produced by manufacturers we have worked with for many years; these partners have great textile expertise and are certified to the top social standards.

This is how you help employees at your LOOP® Textile to earn fair wages.

Guaranteed: optimised packaging!

LOOP® textiles are rolled for shipping and held together with a customisable recycled paper band. The packaging for shipping is made of recycled cardboard.

So the packaging emphasises the message you are sending with this clothing.

Personalised guaranteed!

For an individual appearance in your company's corporate design, we produce LOOP® textiles individually from just 250 pieces. We use specially developed printing ink that fully complies with Cradle to Cradle® requirements.

So your employees can contribute to a sustainable world just by wearing the corporate look you create.

Circular-economy based, guaranteed!

LOOP® textiles are 100% recyclable in the biological cycle. If you no longer wear your textile, you can give it away, take it to the clothing collection or return it directly to LOOP®.

So you can close the circle of the Cradle to Cradle® cycle, keeping everything in the flow.